Discover the treasure-trove of quality Still Photos hidden within your Home Video recordings - High quality still photos from almost any stored video - automatically

Minimum system requirements to install and run VideoSnaps on a Windows PC:

Windows 98(SE), ME, 2000, XP (or later) equipped PC * w/ Keyboard, and hard-disk with minimum 5 MB free space for the program, and pointing device such as a mouse

Color Monitor + Graphics card capable of minimum 800 X 600 display at 16 bit

Minimum 32MB memory, and adequate video memory to support playback of stored video files such as AVI and MPEG

** Stored video files from which you wish to extract photos, or the means to acquire/ capture video from your external source

Printer [OPTIONAL] capable of color photo-quality output.

* Though VideoSnaps is technically supported on PC Windows, it may also work under Mac OS using a bridging software to emulate Windows. If you wish to use VideoSnaps on a Mac, try the free shareware version and see if it works under your emulation environment.

** Supported Media Types: Primarily, VideoSnaps supports Video for Windows files [.AVI]. However, other movie files such as .mov, .mpeg/ mpg, or .mpv/ m2v may also be opened and processed. Due to the nature and type of MPEG encoding, some files of this type may not yield desirable results while extracting still snaps. The best way to check this is to download the trial and do a test using your preferred media type - if it works with the trial edition, it will too with the full version. Theoretically, any media file that you can open and play using the standard Windows Media Player, and that supports 'seeking', should be OK for processing with VideoSnaps.

Please Note: MPEG2 type video encoding is not directly supported in VideoSnaps; however, this type of video can first be converted into Windows AVI format, then processed in VideoSnaps. There are plenty of free and shareware video converters available.


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