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Discover the treasure-trove of quality Still Photos hidden within your Home Video recordings - High quality still photos from almost any stored video - automatically

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New in Release 7.3

Advanced Printing with WYSIWYG Preview

Print several photos per page or fit for Full page blow ups

Great for batch printing several images - ideal for photo collage

Improved uniquness search alogrithm


VideoSnaps provides for 'one touch' automatic extraction of distinct high quality photos, from a Video file - no manual picking of frames is required - Neural Net based image matching automatically looks for unique pictures in the video stream, and creates a shortlist of photos which the user can pre-view, then selectively print or discard - ideal for getting those 'magic moments' from any home video recording - without the pain of manually scanning through thousands of near duplicate frames.

First time released as shareware, the VideoSnaps technology was previously used in professional video production for producing posters, cover art, etc. The same ease of use is now available for getting unique photos from any home video recording.
Here are the VideoSnaps features and highlights in summary:

1) One touch scan of a recorded video file to automatically extract unique photo snaps.
2) Default settings to suit most video recordings; optional controls to to tweak the behaviour manually.
3) Automatically scales-up smaller frame sizes to Full Frame size - making the photos suitable for larger prints.
4) Built-in automatic, adaptive normalization filters reduce any artefacts or noise introduced by scaling.
5) Preview 'found' photos in a slide show, then trim the list down, or manually capture additional frames to get the desired Photo List.
6) Batch print selected photos.
7) Great tool to discover and preserve the hidden treasure-trove of quality photos contained within video recordings from holidays, parties, special functions, etc.

Any home video recording is a store-house of potentially hundreds of high quality photographs - such that would require several film rolls and perfect snap shoots with a conventional still camera. Mining for these photos however has this far been a tedious process, requiring one to sit through patiently, while selecting one frame at a time out of streams of near duplicates - a typical one hour recording consists of approximately 100,000 still frames, mostly duplicates. VideoSnaps now makes this extraction process as simple as loading a video file, and then pressing a button.

The advanced image analysis technology embedded within VideoSnaps, ensures that the user gets the most unique collection of high quality still photos, fast, and with the minimal effort. The user can then preview the collection, delete unwanted ones, manually include particular frames, and batch-print the final list.
For smaller frame size video typical of digital camcorders, web'ized video, or live video phone recordings, VideoSnaps allows for automatic scaling of scanned photos up to full frame size. Built-in automatic and adaptive Image Normalization reduces artefacts and blurriness that are typically associated with scaled-up images. This makes the processed photos suitable for printing at A4/ Letter sizes.

VideoSnaps lets you discover and realize the hidden treasure-trove of great photographs, contained within video recordings from holidays, parties, special functions, etc.
For under US$70, VideoSnaps represents a great value. One would spend more on shooting and developing 2-3 rolls of film. With VideoSnaps in the toolset, you need not lug along the extra still camera everywhere * - just shoot with your video camera, and you already have all the photos waiting to be mined through VideoSnaps.
Getting your photos the "VideoSnaps" way has another inherent advantage - you do not need to time or choreograph the 'shoots' precisely. A video automatically shoots up to 25 - 30 frames per second, so the chances of having that perfect picture moment are so much enhanced, when compared to shooting with a still camera.
* Despite this obvious advantage of shooting a video, you should remember that a conventional or even a digital still camera shoots at a much higher resolution compared to a video recording - which can come in handy, especially if you intend to print large-size photos. So don't throw away your cameras just yet !


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