Discover the treasure-trove of quality Still Photos hidden within your Home Video recordings - High quality still photos from almost any stored video - automatically

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If you wish to download a demo copy of VIDEOSNAPS you can do so from this page. - Computer Superstore

Trial Limitations

The trial version of VideoSnaps lets you use and evaluate all features and functionality, with the following noted exceptions:

1) The display/ capture photo size is limited; larger frames are automatically scaled down, while maintaining the original aspect.

2) Length of the video that may be processed in the Trial Edition is limited to a fairly small duration - if the loaded video is longer, the extra portion is ignored.

3) The trial license expires 10 days after installation.

If you have trial'ed an earlier version of the software and the trial period expired, you may still be able to trial a newer release [the trial is reset by a new release if there is substantial functionality change since the last release].


Please follow the link above to download a Trial version of BlackMagic, to get the latest program update, or to download the most recent documentation. All Downloads are subject to NeuralTek's End User License Agreement [Click here to review the terms of NeuralTek EULA].

Please consult the "readme.txt" file included in the archives for the latest information and installation notes


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